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Once again a perfect example of Feminist double standards written by Susie Boniface in the mirror:
A man and a woman have some kind of argument on the street on New Year’s Eve. (Alcohol?...) Then, this happens:
“This girl pushed the bloke and he immediately hit the deck. Seconds later, he sprang to his feet and punched her as hard as he could in the face.”
Of course the man is the complete evil shitbag, and the girl is a holy saint. Should he broke her nose? Nope. He should go and have some anti aggression training. Is it ok for her to push around people? Nope. Thats the first indication of being a bitch. She should get some lessons with the psychiatrist, too.

But the best is the poll on the end:
"Is it EVER acceptable for a man to punch a woman?" Susie Boniface of course says no. In her struggled mind, a man should not defend himself against a woman, even if he gets an assault on his life, e.g. when a woman attacks a man with a long kitchen knife.

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