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Why you shouldn't host anything on github

More fallout from identity politics in tech:

GitHub plans a conference. To avoid bias in selecting speakers, they use a blind selection process:

Submissions will be initially blind reviewed by a panel of GitHub employees from a range of departments and backgrounds. Speaker information will be used in any final reviews necessary to break ties and bring a balance to the speaking line-up. Final selections should be complete by June 6, 2017.

Unfortunately, this blind selection process produces ideologically unacceptable results:

Congratulations @Github for hosting an all male conference!

Youre right. This was a major mistake. Weve decided to postpone the conf until we can get our speaker line-up right.

So now the conference is postponed until they can introduce enough pro-diversity bias to meet their diversity quotas:

We published a list of speakers that does not reflect the standards to which we hold ourselves. We will be postponing this event until we can deliver a more diverse slate of speakers.

Steelman: Oh dear, our value of being unbiased is conflicting with our value of being diverse. We need to find a solution to this conflict.

TLDR: Github nazis privilege dumb speakers and crappy papers over good ones, just to keep their racial war going. 

Source: Reddit

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