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June 19 2019


There was!

Gruppo G.A.R.I., Andrea Bettega, Filippo Bettega, Matteo Bettega, Andrea Nascimbene, Andrea Andrighetti
77.150 kilogram(s)
Italy (Imer)
Saturday, 10. June 2017

The Largest bread dumple measured 77.15 kg (170.09 lb), achieved by Andrea, Filippo and Matteo Bettega, Andrea Nascimbene, Andrea Andrighetti and Gruppo G.A.R.I. (all Italy), in Imer, Trento, Italy, on 10 June 2017.

The record holders decided to break this record to bring attention to the region by preparing an outsized traditional dish. The canederlo or knödel contained flour, parsley, speck, chives and sage, among other ingredients. The bread dumpling broke the previous record by more than double the weight.

Source: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.de/world-records/largest-bread-dumpling

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